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Welcome to Red Rock waterfowl hunts. We have been guiding premier waterfowl hunts across North Central Oklahoma and the Central flyway for nearly a decade. Waterfowl hunters can expect to see a diverse plethora of ducks and geese alike on varying terrain and habitat across the region. We winter thousands of ducks and geese as well as sandhill cranes. Hunters can expect to hunt water and dry fields for varying setups with premium decoys and equipment. The weather and migration dictate our hunting style as we constantly follow the birds in our home range of nearly 300 square miles. Contact us today for more information on our accommodations, booking, or other FAQs. We hope to hear from you soon.

Standard Waterfowl


Our Standard Waterfowl hunts include lodging and 3 days of hunting. We will hunt all types of waterfowl from Canada Geese, Sandhill Cranes and Ducks. If you want to chase all 3 varieties of game or focus on one specifically it is up to you. Our goal is provide the best opportunity for the game you and your party is wanting to chase. These hunting dates start the second weekend of November and run till the end of January. 


All Inclusive Waterfowl


Our All Inclusive Waterfowl hunts include 3 days of hunting, Meals, Lodging, and bird Processing. These hunting dates start the second weekend of November and run till the end of January. If your group is interested in booking an all inclusive hunt, please reserve your spot asap as these dates do not last long.


Late Season Goose Hunts


Our Late Season Goose Hunts run from the last weekend of January to the second weekend in February. During this time you can hunt large concentrations of Lesser Canada Geese, Snow Geese, and Specklebelly Geese. If you are interested in pursuing specks please note the season ends the Friday before the first weekend in February. All hunts will include 3 days of hunting and lodging.

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